Thursday, November 12, 2009

Technology, Differentiated Instruction, and the Middle School Learner

The Michigan Department of Education, in conjunction with MACUL, asked if we would be willing to continue the conversation that we initiated with technology and curriculum directors via our keynote address on differentiating instruction + technology at the Michigan Technology and Curriculum Director Meeting, October 6. Today is the first of two webinars that we will be presenting as follow-ups to our conversation.

"EdTech Specialists is conducting a series of FREE Webinars entitled: “Listening for Understanding." With a “funding cliff” approaching Michigan schools, the time has come to listen to the ideas of others, brainstorm options that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of student learning, and, as State Superintendent Mike Flanagan has stated: “ReImagine” education in Michigan. To jump start your conversations, EdTech Specialists has lined up an impressive group of individuals who will share their views, programs, strategies, and experiences that have helped to assist their districts and others with innovative options for delivering instruction."

Technology, Differentiated Instruction, and the Middle School Learner
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Some educators believe that differentiated instruction belongs in the elementary classroom but is not appropriate or effective for middle school students. Dr. Grace Smith and Dr. Stephanie Throne, authors of the forthcoming text, Differentiating Instruction with Technology in Middle School Classrooms (and Differentiating Instruction with Technology in K-5 Classrooms), will share how differentiated instruction, powered by technology, can serve to reach the physical, emotional and social needs unique to the middle school learner. Drs. Smith and Throne will suggest a variety of different tech tools and strategies that educators can use to differentiate instruction in the middle school classroom and personalize learning for today’s diverse students.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forest Hills School District

Yesterday, we spent some time with teachers from the Forest Hills School District in Ohio. We surprised them by participating in their professional development session in Elluminate entitled, "The Power of Two: Differentiated Instruction + Technology," which is a phrase from our first book!"