Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can Video Games Teach Kids?

In our session today, "Play Is Important for Deep Learning" in the Webinar Series "Listening for Understanding," we talked about digital games for learning. 

We asked the broad question, "what if digital gaming IS the curriculum?" And we shared a resource that answers the question.

Check out Quest to Learn (Q2L), the first-ever school we know of that builds its entire curriculum on games-based learning. Located in New York City, the school is "not a school whose curriculum is made up of the play of commercial videogames, but rather a school that uses the underlying design principles of games to create highly immersive, game-like learning experiences. Games and other forms of digital media serve another useful purpose at Quest: they serve to model the complexity and promise of “systems.” Understanding and accounting for this complexity is a fundamental literacy of the 21st century."

You can learn more about this exciting school via its website.  By the way, Quest is recuiting teachers for the next  school year! 

You can tune in to future webinars in the series at

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